Meet Moko’s Delivery Ninjas. Sometimes they are Santa’s elves. Depends on the time of the year.

If you ask anyone running an e-commerce business, whether they are a small-scale retailer on Jumia or a scale up the size of Moko, delivery logistics can be quite a nightmare.

Trust us, we know. We’ve been there. But now, we’re able to offer all our customers free mattress delivery anywhere in Kenya. How did we achieve that?

We caught up with Yvonne Muita, our Senior Manager - Retail, Sales & Ops, to understand what goes on in the background. Check it out and, hopefully, you’ll catch a tip or two that you can use to grow your business.


By Fiorenzo Conte, CEO Moko Home+Living

Hack: Start your case by laying out its flaws.

Let’s start by defining the flaw with the example from my last post: you want to make a case for spending more time chatting with each customer. Starting with the flaws means mapping the top three things that could wrong:

  1. We will have a long queue of customers who want to get in touch with us. They might not be happy about this wait.
  2. Each agent won’t be able to meet the daily sales target in the beginning since they’ll be busy making non-sales related…

By Fiorenzo Conte, CEO Moko Home+Living

I recently read some research that backs up some of the culture principles we, as a company, want to follow. The one that I wanted to share today is that bosses that are accommodating and too supportive are less effective in their teams’ growth than bosses that are disagreeable.

What’s up with accommodating bosses?

Let’s take an example: you are on the customer care team and you think your company should spend as much time as possible talking with each customer whenever you get the chance. …

Neema Kanyua, Moko’s Head of Growth talks about how Moko has managed to grow as a fast-paced e-commerce company…

When Moko started out, we managed every aspect of our deliveries. We owned and maintained the vehicles then hired and trained a driver and delivery assistant for each vehicle. But soon, this system turned into a logistics nightmare when the demand for our products exceeded our delivery capacity.

How did we solve this logistics nightmare?

We decided to outsource vehicles and drivers by partnering with logistics providers like Sendy and Timeless Couriers. …

Fabian, product engineer at Moko.

In case you’re new around here, the Infinity Academy is a Moko program where we train our staff to become better leaders as they grow into various leadership roles in their careers and other aspects of their lives.

As part of the program, the trainees have recently been paired with mentors who help them grow into the kind of leaders they aspire to become.

We caught up with Fabian, a mentee, and these are his thoughts about the Infinity Academy mentorship program.

What’s the best part about being an Infinity Academy mentee?

It’s a safe space that’s not self-compromising. You…

End of year party for Moko Home+Living

When you set your mind to learn something, the first phase of excitement is often followed by a realization that the new habit doesn’t come naturally to you and failure is imminent. At that point, you have two options.

One, you can revert back to the old habit because it’s familiar territory and make a case for why the old habit is there in the first place. Alternatively, you can give in and learn to lose until you have enough practice to win. You can and need to make this choice almost every day in your growth process.

A Good Example

At Moko…

During our May Townhall (aka monthly all-staff meeting), we learnt that if you want to be a mover and shaker in your field of work, you need to ask yourself more active questions, not passive ones.

They help us put the responsibility of change on ourselves and not on the environment. They remind us of what is within our circle of control and not only what is outside it. To put it in practice, think about this example.

Ask yourself, “How is my resilience growing during these uncertain times?” Do any of these answers come to mind? “I don’t know.”…

The most appealing part of working at a start-up is the freedom that you get while working there. There are fewer meetings. You have the freedom to jump into action and fix problems you find interesting. Most of all, you can do all this at your own pace and at the time.

At some point though, the startup grows up and the freedom to be creative feels clouded by the constant process of flagging and solving the problems that pop up. The solution to this is structure. Yet for most startuppers, structure is the enemy of creativity.

But Moko is…

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