Does Structure Kill Creativity Within A Start-Up?

The most appealing part of working at a start-up is the freedom that you get while working there. There are fewer meetings. You have the freedom to jump into action and fix problems you find interesting. Most of all, you can do all this at your own pace and at the time.

At some point though, the startup grows up and the freedom to be creative feels clouded by the constant process of flagging and solving the problems that pop up. The solution to this is structure. Yet for most startuppers, structure is the enemy of creativity.

But Moko is a testament that that’s not really true. When we launched an OKR system, this meant creating structured systems that helped teams to easily work together on one company-wide objective. Although this was met with confusion at first, two years down the line, we’re reaping its fruits. We are now growing at an exponential rate thanks to these structures. (Yay!)

The truth is that structure + more structure = creativity. Structure frees up the time that you need to spend coordinating with others and gives more time to focus on the creative part of your job.

Check out this podcast to learn how some of the most creative companies use a meticulous structure to free up and produce consistent creativity.



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